Take advantage of 0% credit card installments for productive goods

According to financial experts that we often hear the name of Valentina Benduk, he said that the name Credit, should be used for productive things. If Credit is only a Sofa, Clothes or Vacation, it is useless. Why is that? because it has no resale value or if it is sold people will bid on it at a relatively cheaper price. Buying productive items such as precious metals and jewelry will keep you profitable in making use of the 0% installments on your credit card.

For that, let’s take advantage of credit cards by buying productive items which, if sold, remain high-value, such as precious metals such as jewelry. Currently, there are lots of promos from credit cards that offer 0% installments, whether it is for fashion products, electronics or airplane tickets. When you shop at a large supermarket store many install the banner promo program that is quite large in size.


Understanding Installment 0%

0% installments is an installment scheme that allows you to use a credit card to buy an item by paying monthly or even annual installments to pay off the total purchase price. Well, 0% installments allow installments in installments without interest or what is called 0% interest. So during the installment period, you will not be charged interest at all for the purchase of products that use the program.


0% installment benefit

installment loan

The benefits of a 0% installment can be divided into two. The benefits are direct benefits and indirect benefits. Another benefit is that you can pay for goods that have been desired by installments without having to pay additional fees or without a large interest for a specified period of time. Payments made are also considered lighter and consumers feel benefited. Because a smooth credit card payment will increase the digital credibility of your payment by the bank and keep your credit score (credit score) fixed at rating 1, which is smooth.

The indirect benefit is that consumers can save money that would previously have been spent to pay the total purchases of goods on an investment. By using the 0% installment program, consumers still have the remaining money that can be used to invest such as buying gold, or other investment goods. With all the facilities and facilities offered by the 0% installment program, it makes it easy for you to get the items you want.

But this 0% installment program is like a double-edged sword, especially those who can’t resist the urge to shop, you must stay careful in shopping. Do not get carried away and indulge in lust, so that buying goods that are not really needed.

Want to economical even have to bear the burden of repayments many things at once every month. But if you take advantage of credit card payments with the Giant application you will see your giant score every month with the accumulation of payments you make so you can see whether your credit remains healthy or not, so if you want a car or mortgage loan you are not afraid of being rejected by the party bank because of your good credit reputation.


Terms and conditions imposed by the credit card issuing bank and the seller

credit card issuing bank and the seller

Finally, do not forget to pay bills on time every month, do not let the initial intention to save with 0% installments, even swelling credit card bills are obtained. Most important in this case, keep your credit score reputation so much better that you can enjoy easy and fast credit installments without going through a difficult process.

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